ROBUSKEY® for Video

High Quality Compositing With Amazingly Easy Steps.

ROBUSKEY for Video Generates High Quality Chroma Keying

ROBUSKEY® for Video is a plug-in that makes high quality chroma key compositing for video. The plug-in was optimized to analyze images to identify human subjects such as hair and skin accurately for realistic results.
ROBUSKEY for Video is compatible with major host applications : Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, and Grass Valley EDIUS.
ROBUSKEY for Video makes the most of high precision materials such as 10bit/12 bit YUV with its ability to operate at maximum of 16 bit color depth.
ROBUSKEY for Video makes chroma keying so easy. It cuts down a compositing process and gives your creativity freedom to go further.
ROBUSKEY for Video can be used not only in movie/video editing but can be a great on-location tool.

* Please see 'Product Specifications' for compatibility with host applications.

* Please see 'OS/Host Application Chart' for compatibility with OS and host applications.

ROBUSKEY for Video Host Applications



High Quality Chroma Key Composition

ROBUSKEY for Video was designed by using the same high quality chroma key algorithm of our product ROBUSKEY for Adobe Photoshop.
ROBUSKEY for Video supports high definition materials like 4K and removes unwanted color spills and background color issues like shadow and wrinkles with easy and simple steps.
ROBUSKEY for Video makes the most of high precision materials such as 10bit/12 bit YUV with its ability to operate at maximum of 16 bit color depth and delivers high quality compositing.
ROBUSKEY for Video was optimized to make the best result with green screen but it supports both green and blue screen.

ROBUSKEY for Video

“Zakkuri-Mask” Creates Rough Range of Chroma Key

“Zakkuri-Mask” plug-in generates garbage-masks automatically and helps masking out unwanted parts from an image. This feature works with After Effects and EDIUS (*partially).

ROBUSKEY for Video - Zakkuri-Mask

GPU Acceleration

Chroma keying with ROBUSKEY for VIDEO accelerates by using NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology. Preview and rendering speed can be about 3 times faster.
GPU acceleration work on later version of Windows After Effect CS4, Premiere Pro CS5, and EDIUS 6, also with a graphic board that matches certain conditions.

For more information please see 'Product Specifications'.

NVIDIA CUDA Technology

High Quality Chroma Key Plug-in

Short editing time. Infinite creativity. With easy and high quality chroma keying.

Keying By One Click? Yes, With ROBUSKEY’s Hi-Performance.

ROBUSKEY's high quality chroma keying was optimized with our own algorithm to analyze and identify human subjects accurately.

ROBUSKEY for Video makes the best result with green screen but it supports both green and blue screen. The plug-in accurately identifies human skin, hair, and even translucent materials like lace and glass and creates natural and realistic composites.

High quality keying will be done by simply selecting the background color with one click.

Background color issues, color spills, jugged edges, etc. can be fixed by adjusting simple parameters. ROBUSKEY helps reducing keying time considerably and free your creativity.

ROBUSKEY for Video - Zakkuri-Mask

Zakkuri Mask

Zakkuri-Mask plug-in reduces masking time drastically when there are unwanted parts that can not be chroma keyed.
This feature works with After Effects and EDIUS (*partially).

Zakkuri-Mask Plug-in Creates Masks Automatically

With Zakkuri-Mask plug-in comes with ROBUSKEY, there is no need to draw masks by hand. The plug-in cuts out unwanted items like edges of screens and markers.

Zakkuri-Mask After Chroma Keying

The plug-in recognizes an unnecessary part that can not be keyed and remove it from the alpha channel.

ROBUSKEY for Video - Zakkuri-Mask

Zakkuri-Mask Before Chroma Keying

The plug-in creates a rough mask automatically by simply selecting the key color. Then composite inside of the mask.

ROBUSKEY for Video - Zakkuri-Mask

ROBUSKEY Activation

Please activate with a serial number of the plug-in to use full functions. You can find the serial number inside of a package. If you purchase ROBUSKEY by download the serial number will be sent by an email after your purchase.

Internet connection required for the product activation. It is not necessary to be online after the activation to use the plug-in.
If you need to activate ROBUSKEY offline please contact ROBUSKEY Support Desk by email and request an offline activation.

  • Activate ROBUSKEY within 30 days after an initial installation. Otherwise the plug-in will expire in 30 days.
  • ROBUSKEY can be installed on 2 computers and used by a registered user.
  • An activation of ROBUSKEY is effective only on one OS. If you are using a multi-boot computer please install the plug-in on one OS.
  • ROBUSKEY works on all host applications installed on one OS.
  • If re-installation of ROBUSKEY is needed in cases like switching to new computers or changing OS, please de-activate or uninstall the plug-in first on the old computer/ OS then re-install the plug-in.
  • An installation and an activation of ROBUSKEY requires administrator rights.

Product Specification

Host Application Compatibility

Please check the table below for compatibility between ROBUSKEY for Video and major host applications. For compatibility between OS and host applications with ROBUSKEY for Video please see 'OS/Host application chart’.

Applications / Functions High Precision Chroma Key Zakkuri-Mask
After Effects

Premiere Pro Windows
Final Cut Pro Machintosh
EDIUS Windows
EDIUS Pro Windows

: Compatible (Includes GPU Acceleration)
: Compatible (Auto Mask Correction/Auto Clip)
: Compatible
—: Imcompatible

System Requirements

macOS Windows
Host applications:
 Adobe After Effects CC 2018 or later
 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 or later
 Apple Final Cut Pro X
 Apple Motion 5
Intel Processor
macOS 10.13 or later
Incompatible with GPU Acceleration
Host applications :
 Adobe After Effects CC 2018 or later
 Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018 or later
 Grass Valley EDIUS 6/EDIUS Pro 6.5 or later
Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11
GPU Acceleration compatibility: After Effects CC2018 or later, Premiere Pro CC2018 or later, EDIUS 6, EDIUS Pro 6.5 or later (only Windows version)
In principle, it comforms to system requirements of Adobe Photoshop.
macOS works with Intel Processor.
NVIDIA® graphic card compatible with CUDA™ with local graphic memory over 512MB to use GPU Acceleration (768MB or higher recommended).
Please see compatibility of OS and Photoshop version 'OS/Host Application Chart' below. below.
Internet connection required for product activation.

GPU Acceleration

ROBUSKEY accelerates chroma keying by adopting GPU acceleration by NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology.

  • ROBUSKEY for Video works with later version of : After Effects CC2018, Premiere Pro CC2018, EDIUS 6 and EDIUS Pro 6.5 (only Windows version).
  • NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GeForce, Quadro series graphics card with 512MB minimum (768MB or higher recommended) video memory.
  • Please use the latest graphic drivers.
  • GPU acceleration will not work with ATI® graphics card.
  • Windows OS running on a virtual machine is beyond the scope of certified and supported.
  • If GPU acceleration is not available, “GPU on” check box turns to disable and it automatically switches to the operation of CPU.
  • If GPU acceleration is available, “GPU on” check box becomes available and gives you an option to use/not use GPU.
  • Chroma key results may turn out differently between using GPU acceleration and without using it.
  • If an out of local graphic memory occurs while ROBUSKEY is working, it stops using GPU automatically then switches to the operation of CPU.

OS/Host Application Chart

ROBUSKEY for Video 1.2 Compatibility Chart

* Combinations of OS and host application which are not on this chart are unsupported.


(As of December, 2022)

:Compatible (Includes GPU Acceleration)  : Compatible
:Unsupported  —:Non-supported  #:Confirming

  After Effects / Premiere Pro
  CC 2018 CC 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Intel Mac
macOS 10.13.x
macOS 10.14.x
macOS 10.15.x
macOS 11.x
macOS 12.x
macOS 13.x
  Final Cut Pro Motion
  X 5
Intel Mac
macOS 11.5.1
or later

*1 The plug-in works on 32 bit mode.
*2 Compatible with Mac OS X v 10.6.7 or later.


(As of September, 2022)

:Compatible (Includes GPU Acceleration)  : Compatible
:Unsupported  —:Non-supported  #:Confirming

  After Effects / Premiere Pro
  CC 2018 CC 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
  6 6.5 7 8 9 X
8.1 ×

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[ROBUSKEY for Video Install patch]
* Please use this patch in case downloading of Final Cut Pro failes.

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